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Q. How many participants can participate in a Rockin’ Glamour Party event?

A. We can accommodate up to 20 participants inside our Rockin' Glamour Trailer. There is also an outdoor television and gaming area.

Q. How much space is required to park the Rockin' Glamour Party trailer?

A. Rockin' Glamour Party and our tow vehicle utilizes 55-60 feet of space or about 4-5 car lengths. Please be sure to leave enough room in front of your location for our driver to easily maneuver and park. We like to arrive 15-20 minutes before the party start time to set up and get situated. We will make a phone call if there are any traffic issues to discuss.

Q. Does Rockin' Glamour Party need to plug into a power source in order to work?

A. We do not need to use your electricity. Rockin' Glamour Party runs on a self-contained generator allowing us to host an event almost anywhere.

Q. Can the participants eat or drink in the Rockin' Glamour Party trailer?

A. No food or drinks are allowed during a Rockin' Glamour Party. When we arrive at your house, expect a pristine, safe condition.

Q. How is hair styled and make- up applied while at the same time meeting sanitary conditions?

A. All combs and brushes are sanitized using professional grade sanitary cleaners. Make- up is always applied using disposable applicators.

Q. Does an adult need to supervise the party?

A. We love when parents watch or participate in the party, but in most cases the answer is no. YOU DO NOT need to supervise the party. The Glamour Gals are highly trained at running all of the events. Their entire goal is to keep everyone safe and having a great time.

Q. Is it a requirement to tip the Glamour Guides?

A. Tipping is never required; however, it is always appreciated by the Glamour Guides!

Q. What is the policy if it rains the day of your event?

A. Rockin' Glamour Party is a fully enclosed, climate-controlled environment. There is no need to cancel because of rain. Don’t worry about weather… we will be there.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A. Rockin' Glamour Party requires a 50% deposit in order to book your event. If a cancellation is made 14 or more days prior to your event, a 50% refund of the deposit will be returned. Events that have already been paid for in full will be entitled to a 75% refund, if cancelled 14 or more days prior to the event. Events that are cancelled less than 14 days prior to the event will not be eligible for a refund. We understand that sometimes an event needs to be rescheduled to a different date due to to a variety of circumstances and we will work with you to reschedule the event to a date that will work well for both of us.

Q. Where can Rockin' Glamour Party be setup for my event?

A. Rockin' Glamour Party is climate controlled and runs on its own power source. We can setup just about anywhere. We can setup at your home, school, business, public park, church, community center, sports field, parking lot…anywhere there is relatively level parking.

Q. How much does a Rockin’ Glamour Party cost?

A. The cost of a Rockin’ Glamour Party depends on the particular package you choose, visit our pricing page for more information. To book an event, simply use our online booking system or give us a call at (910)-545-9436.

If you are a larger client investigating Corporate Events, Fundraisers, Grand Openings, Festivals, Day Camps, Tournaments, etc. please give us a call at 910-545-9436 or send an email to rockingameparty@gmail.com.

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