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Rockin' Battle Ball -Eastern North Carolina's Premium Game of Bubble Soccer

Two of our guests battling for the goal in a game of Rockin' Battle Ball!
battle ball has arrived to eastern north carolina

Rockin' Game Party will come to most locations with our version of bubble soccer that we call battle ball! It is game that combines the battle of bumper cars with the fun of a pillow fight - Rockin' Battle Ball!

Call us NOW at 910-545-9436 or send us an email or Facebook Message if you have any questions about Rockin' Battle Ball.

Pricing for a Battle Ball event is as follows:

1-Hour Event

3 vs 3 $229
4 vs 4 $279
5 vs 5 $329

2-Hour Event

3 vs 3 $319
4 vs 4 $369
5 vs 5 $409

*Guests must be at least 4′ 0″ to play in our smallest sized battle balls.   There is no age requirement; however, the 4'0" height requirement is in place as our battle balls weigh between 14-17 pounds and must be carried on your shoulders with backpack like straps.

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